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Hair Extensions Boston

Lori Hosea Studio stands as Boston's premier Salon, renowned for its expertise in crafting Natural Looking Hair Extensions.

Our Services

K-tip extensions in Boston
K-Tip Extensions

Premium Quality: Great Lengths Hair Extensions are renowned as the gold standard for K-tips, offering unparalleled quality.

Advanced Application: K-tip method bonds extensions securely with a heat tool.

Customization: Wide range of colors, lengths, and textures for a personalized blend.

Durability: Designed to withstand daily styling, maintaining appearance over time.

Versatility: Endless styling possibilities, from length to volume and highlights.

Weft extensions in Boston

Natural Look: Thinner wefts lay closer to the scalp for a natural appearance.

Customization: Various lengths, colors, and textures for seamless blending.

Layering and Blending: Easily layered and blended for personalized styling.

Comfort and Durability: Comfortable, durable, and lasts 6-9 months with proper care.

Sustainability: Reusable hair for an eco-friendly extension option

Weft Extensions
Diffrent Hair colors for the extensions
Color Services

Partial Highlight: Foils strategically placed to add dimension and brightness, achieving a overall refreshed effect.

Full Highlight: Comprehensive highlights covering the entire head, creating depth and movement for a bright blonde look.

One process color:
 Tailored color solutions for a personalized and deep all over color, as well as grey hair coverage.

Hair Extensions Boston

We Make Your Hair Dreams Come True!

Rest assured, our highly skilled stylists are trained and certified in the best hair extension techniques. We tailor each method to enhance not only the health of your hair but also seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle, ensuring a perfect fit for the look you desire.

Why choose
Lori Hosea Hair Extensions Studio in Boston?

The answer is simple: many years of expertise and personalized care from our dedicated team of two highly trained professionals.

Truly the best hair extensions in Boston! Lori and Leah are magical hair fairies, so do yourself a favor and book a consultation. Warning: once you have the hair of your dreams, it's very hard to go back!
  • What type of hair do we use?
    We choose companies that ethically source their hair like Great Lengths. When hair extensions are labeled as "ethically sourced," it means that the hair used to make them has been obtained in a way that respects the rights, well-being, and fair compensation of the individuals who provide the hair. This includes ensuring that the donors are willingly and fairly compensated for their hair, and that the sourcing process aligns with ethical standards, such as fair labor practices and environmental sustainability.
  • Are extensions bad for your hair?
    Hair extensions, when properly applied and cared for, are not bad for your hair. They can actually provide protection from styling damage and help hair grow longer by preventing breakage. However, improper application or neglecting maintenance can lead to damage, so it's essential to follow proper care instructions that we give you at your visit, as well as make sure your stylist is properly certified.
  • Can I get extensions on thin hair?
    Absolutely! Our expertise is in tailoring hair extensions to your specific needs, and we frequently work with clients who have thin hair. Our focus is on providing you with the desired fullness while keeping your hair healthy. We understand that hair extensions may not be suitable for everyone, and if we find that your hair is too fragile, we won't proceed with the application. In that case, we'll guide you on strengthening your hair and strategize for future options, ensuring the best care for your hair.
  • How long do hair extensions take?
    With twenty (20!) years of experience, our efficiency does set us apart. When you schedule your appointment, we will inform you about a timeframe for your transformation. While the duration may vary based on the specific changes, our process typically takes between 2 to 5 hours, ensuring a quick and seamless experience tailored to your needs.
  • Are extensions worth it?
    We think so! It’s a great way to achieve your desired look quickly. The value is immeasurably for our clients that want long thick hair.
  • What extensions last the longest?
    Keratin bonds last 12-16 weeks without maintenance!
  • Which extension are best for short hair?
    Both extension methods we use can create fullness and length for short hair styles.
  • Which extension method is the least damaging?
    It depends on your hair! Proper consultations are required to determine which method is best for you. We will go over which causes the least amount of tension for you specifically when we see your hair.

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At Lori Hosea Studio Boston, we prioritize transparency. While we always provide personalized quotes during consultations, our Price List section reflects our commitment to keeping you informed about our service costs.

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